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How To Choose The Right Bedroom Set Design For Your Home
  • By: Pojfurniture

How To Choose The Right Bedroom Set Design For Your Home

The fact that we spend more than one-third of our lives in bed, gives a valid reason to read this blog. There are certain things which are considered permanent, furniture is one such example. Especially beds and mattresses, they have a very long history – one that’s about 77000 years old. The earliest beds used by humans were made of grass which repelled insects.

The architecture of beds has remarkably remained consistent. A raised frame with a mattress dates back over 5000years which were used in Malta and Egypt. A lot about beds have remained unchanged, except for the customs. Beds were seen as a luxury back then, though it has become a basic need these days. Earlier, beds were not meant to be single occupancy furniture. Only the royalty slept alone or with their spouses. But even their bedrooms were hardly bastions of privacy. During the 16th-17th century, tourists and travelers often slept with strangers in the same bed. It was more like a social activity. Some really bizarre customs were followed, thanks to the industrial revolution in the 19th century which led to urbanization and gradually made beds and bedrooms a private sphere. It was because, in cities, compact row houses with smaller rooms were constructed with a specific purpose of sleeping.

Today bedrooms are considered a calming place to reinvigorate from the chaos of everyday life. Keeping this thought alive, we at POJ Furniture work continuously towards making your bedroom truly peaceful yet high on functionality.

While designing a bed, our priority sits on the utmost comfort and being able to provide you with the best utilization of spaces. Modern-day bedrooms are more than just a sleeping place now, considering the recent scenarios, one has to be productive on the go. For the same, we have mixed and matched the basic furniture needed to complete a bedroom set, viz. a king-size bed, a 4 door wardrobe, a dressing table, and a bedside table.

The king-size bed included in our bedroom set is equipped with a fully hydraulic gas lift, which opens up to an additional storage space for all the beddings and blankets and even works as a storage for things which are not needed on a daily basis. Hydraulic beds are practically a blessing for those who desire to have expansive storage space but find it difficult to handle heavy furniture. This convenience doesn’t come at a crazy cost, buy hydraulic bed online from POJ Furniture in Jharkhand, Bihar, Kolkata, and Bhubaneswar and avail exciting discount offers with flexible payment options. There’s a preconceived notion by many that a hydraulic bed scores less on design. We suggest you explore our collection of highly functional hydraulic beds with designed headboards, which will clearly lift up the overall aesthetics by a few notches.

Another addition to our bedroom set is a 4 door wardrobe which provides the much-needed storage space for varied needs. The wardrobe here contributes towards the aesthetics of the room by complementing and matching the beds and other furniture. They are about 6.5 feet tall and 5 feet wide, it seems just like a queen size bed stacked against a wall. The larger the wardrobe the large storage space it provides and the more functional it becomes, which engrosses the hanging clothes (including suits), keeping ironed clothes, pillows, linens, toiletries, cosmetics, wallets, important documents, etc. again our wardrobe collection huge and can be explored on our website. One can buy wardrobe online and avail the best services.

Although the customer at POJ Furniture has the liberty to ask for customization in their furniture and 3 or 4 door wardrobes can sport a door with a mirror attached to it, but a dedicated dressing table has its own perks. A dressing table enables you to look your absolute best while you utilize your time efficiently. From spraying on your favorite perfume to fixing your hair, dressing table furniture makes these small things convenient. With the help of a new dressing table, you won’t have to go searching for your cosmetic and hygiene products as they’ll all be in one place. As a part of our bedroom set, we have already selected the absolute match but you can explore our range and pick up the desired piece from our website. Buy dressing table online and make sure you get the best deals and best services.

The last addition to our bedroom set would be the bedside table. These are small multipurpose storage units which are responsible for storing a variety of things like small decorative, lamps, books and magazines, phone, wallet, medicines, snacks, etc. they are probably the first and the last piece of furniture you might touch before and after going to bed. Though relatively smaller, it does enhance the aesthetics of the room and brings out a plush look with its matching design element. Buy bedside table online and forget about physical hunting.

A bedroom is incomplete without a proper mattress, as we go down in history mattress are serving the mankind for a very long time. Though there are some significant improvements in the filling material used over time, keeping past aside let's know what the modern-day mattress has to offer. As an in house furniture manufacturer, we produce our own mattresses and have broadly categorized them into 3 divisions: executive, othro, and luxury. They are available in different thicknesses and sizes as per your bed size.

What makes us different from our peers is our in-house manufacturing, and quality is something that remains uncompromised. We use high-quality Medium Density Fiberboard which is made by breaking down hardwood and softwood residuals into wood fibers, often in defibrator combining it with wax and resin binder and forming it into the panel by applying high temperatures and pressure. MDF is generally denser than plywood, made up of separated fibers, and can be used as a building material similar in application to plywood. It makes our furniture truly borer and termite-proof. We polish the out surface of our furniture with PU Polish and Deco paint which makes it really stain-free and water-resistant.

Concluding the blog, we hope now you have a clear picture of the furniture to be used in your bedroom which will enhance the overall aesthetics while giving you the most productive utilization of space. With over 29 showrooms in Eastern India, you can walk into your nearest store or browse all our content online on our website. Kindly take some time and read our other blogs as well which will surely help you decorate your house effectively.